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Excelent Services

"Snack and Color has top tier service. They guaranteed if I didn't like the product, I got my money back, no questions asked. Let's just say, they still have my money!"

Best Ingredients

"I love how Snack and Color uses all natural ingredients and the best dyes that make their colors pop!"


Skilled People

"Snack and Color has the most skilled craftsmen in their art. Their crayons draw just as amazing as they taste!"

Friendly & Funny

"As a mother of 4, I love seeing my kids smile while drawing their hearts away, while also being able to indulge on their favorite snack."

About our packages

We offer 3 main package deals with our color sets.  We have our “Sweet Treats” Bundle, which contains basic colors that taste like an assortment of fruit and candy! We also have our “Dine and Draw” Bundle, which contains basic colors that taste like sit down foods, such as Spaghetti and Mashed Potatoes! Lastly, we have our “Mixed Matched” Bundle which is an assortment of both, and you won’t know what is in the bundle until you open it! We guarantee you’ll have fun while also having your favorite snacks. 

This is a close up photograph of colorful crayon tips pointing towards each other.Click on the links below to view lightboxes.

Our packages

Sweet Treats- 12 Pack. $5.99

With this pack, you get 12 “sweet” colors that will sure to have your tastebuds wanting more! From Strawberry Shortcake to Green Apple, you’ll love taking a bite out of these after coloring!

“I bought this pack for my 2 little ones and they can’t get enough! They have never been so excited about coloring!”

With this pack, you get 12 colors that taste like your favorite sit down meals! From Savory Steak to Green Beans, you’ll be coloring one minute and having Thanksgiving the next!

“The Dine and Draw set is awesome. As a 28 year old artist, I love the fact I can explore my passion while also having a quick and tasty snack!”

Dine and Draw- 12 pack. $5.99

Mixed Matched- 12 pack. $6.99

With this pack, it’s a bit of mix up! We throw in 6 “Sweet Treats” flavored crayons and 6 “Dine and Draw” crayons. You won’t know what you have until you open the pack! We are certain you’ll enjoy this great pack. 

“I was feeling a little rebellious, so I decided to buy the mixed pack. Let’s just say having Blueberry one second and then Mac & Cheese the next, was a surprise, but I love coloring and exploring my taste at the same time!”

Thank you for supporting Snack and Color! We have so much fun brining joy to all ages and we hope to continue to do so!

Any questions, comments or concerns? Please feel free to reach out.