Welcome to Snack and Color

History of Snack and Color

Snack and Color started out as a goofy idea by the world renowned artist Matty Daddy . Matty Daddy thought to himself one day, “Wouldn’t it be convenient, to be making beautiful art one second, and then satisfying your hunger at the same time?” Just like that, Snack and Color was born!

learn to explore your imagination with color, while also indulging on your favorite snack!

Snack and Color is like nothing you’ve colored with before!

What we do!
Words from matty daddy

crayons, children, to draw-1018580.jpg

make usable crayons

“We make crayons for everyday use!”

baby, bite, boy-84686.jpg

make crayons to eat

“Not only do we make useable crayons, BUT what if I told you…..you could eat them too?”

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Have a lot of fun

“We’re all about fun, so we make sure you have an enjoyable time doing two of the best things on Earth. Coloring and Eating!”

if its a color, you can eat it!

Are you ready to explore your pallet?