Citizen Compliance

Welcome, loyal citizens, to the Citizen Compliance Page. Your commitment to these rules is paramount in maintaining order, ensuring harmony, and securing the prosperity of our great society. Failure to comply will result in severe consequences, as outlined by the Party. Obey diligently, and let your actions reflect the unwavering loyalty expected of every citizen.

Our policies

1. Alliance to the Party

Your thoughts must align seamlessly with the Party’s ideology. Questioning the Party is a direct violation of our principles. Report any suspicious thoughts or behaviors immediately.

3. Cooperation is Key

Cooperate fully with your fellow citizens. Foster an environment of unity and collective purpose. Any act of individualism or disunity will be met with corrective measures.

5. Shun Non-Conformists

Minimize contact with individuals who exhibit signs of non-conformity. Associating with dissenters undermines the fabric of our society and puts your loyalty into question.

2. Reporting Duty

Every citizen is a guardian of the Party. Report any signs of dissent, deviation, or suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities promptly. Your vigilance ensures the safety of our collective society.

4. Language is Everything

Use only the Party’s approved language. Refrain from employing words or phrases that deviate from the established lexicon. Language purity is crucial for maintaining unity and preventing subversive ideas.

5. Accept Personal Responsibility

Take personal responsibility for your actions and those of your peers. Ignorance is not an excuse for non-compliance. Uphold the standards of the Party with unwavering dedication.

Compliance is Freedom, Obedience is Prosperity. Uphold, Report, Thrive.